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'Elena' Cabinet

'Elena' Cabinet

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More About ‘Elena' Cabinet

Introducing our flagship - LAVE modular set! Combined to create a functional focal wall in your living space. Can be rearranged to customize the look. Perfect fusion of open and closed storage to keep clutter away.

LAVE Set consists of 4 items sold individually:

‘Leonid’ – Large Display Cabinet: 2 doors with glass inserts, 4 shelves.

‘Arsen’ – Open Wall Shelf: 2 connected shelves

‘Vadim’ – TV Stand: 2 drawers, 2 open shelves.

‘Elena’ – Medium Display Cabinet: 2 doors with glass inserts, 3 shelves

No one knows for certain what name ‘Elena’ means… But to us it means beautiful, elegant, and breathtaking. Evergreen, like the pine it is made from. Something that balances ‘Leonid’, but also a stand-alone piece by itself. Classic appearance pairs well with a variety of decor styles, while its distinctive shape will certainly be a topic of many conversations. It will hold dear and protect all of your most precious family memorabilia and things of importance. While not as tall as ‘Leonid’, ‘Elena’ still boasting impressive height of 125.5 cm (49 1/2 inches). We do not recommend getting two of those units – it will be too much.


Weight & Dimensions

Imperial Metric
Overall Length 31.5 80
Overall Depth 14.5 37
Overall Height 49.5 125.5
Weight 89 40.5
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Toronto-based LAVE Group is as international as the city in which it was conceived. LAVE Furniture maybe new in inception, but their partners have 100+ years of combined experience in interior design, logistics and finance, to ensure that you are getting the pinnacle of style, substance and value. LAVE Furniture is manufactured exclusively in Eastern Europe, from FSC and CPSC certified materials. This ensures that every item is as environmentally friendly as it is a stylish masterpiece. LAVE furniture supports the well-established and renowned European reputation for quality.

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