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'Dali' Desk LG

'Dali' Desk LG

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More About 'Dali' Desk LG

Need a place to work, study, or play? Our desks are designed for tight spaces. Simple, and budget friendly! Whether catching up on emails or writing a love letter to your loved one on a business trip, the ‘Dali’ desk will make it a great addition to kids’ bedroom, study or home office. This modern table is sturdy in its simplicity and is actually easy to assemble. You like it, but need something slightly more compact? Check out our ‘Dali’ Desk SM.


Weight & Dimensions

Imperial Metric
Overall Length 45.5 115
Overall Depth 21.25 54
Overall Height 27.5 70
Weight 35 16
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Toronto-based LAVE Group is as international as the city in which it was conceived. LAVE Furniture maybe new in inception, but their partners have 100+ years of combined experience in interior design, logistics and finance, to ensure that you are getting the pinnacle of style, substance and value. LAVE Furniture is manufactured exclusively in Eastern Europe, from FSC and CPSC certified materials. This ensures that every item is as environmentally friendly as it is a stylish masterpiece. LAVE furniture supports the well-established and renowned European reputation for quality.

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