Cat & Mantel


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We say it’s time to make your home!

Our hand-picked collection of practical furniture is designed to last. With an average household in mind, each piece is multifunctional. We keep our pricing unbeatable, without sacrificing quality.

Weather you have a clattered corner in need of order, or an empty wall lacking designer touch. We can help.

Our great team is led by experts in manufacturing, design and logistics. We know where to source the best products, for competitive price and deliver to your doorsteps the fastest.



Why "Cat & Mantle", you ask, dear reader?

Well, unlike other companies we do not have secrets!

Cat. Everyone likes pets. In fact, we couldn't think of a single person we know, who doesn’t like pets. For many of us, cats are associated with feelings of comfort and love. Their elegance and gracefulness are worthy of admiration and awe. This is what we look for in our furniture and collections.

Mantel. A mantel is an integral part of a fireplace. A fireplace is often the centerpiece of a house, for centuries providing comfort and warmth to human abode. Interestingly, Hestia, and her Roman equivalent Vesta, were goddesses of the home, family, and hearth (part of the fireplace), which was used as their altar. Although today it is more of a decorative feature, it often invokes pleasant memories and a romantic mood. Those feelings of comfort, warmth and homeliness, are exactly the feelings we are looking to bring into your home!

These qualities are integral parts of all our products and act as a framework for excellence in the services we provide you, our customer.

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