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More About ‘Barney' Combo Dresser

‘Barney’ combination dresser has a timeless look and blends in easily with any decor. The modern, yet not too daring style makes it suitable for any kind of living space, providing plenty of storage room in this attractive piece of furniture.

Featuring 2 drawers and 2 generously sized cabinets, ‘Barney’ provides plenty of room conveniently to store clothes, socks, toys or other sundries. The center top half of the dresser is an open storage space with adjustable shelf. While having better appearance, you can also place your small objects more freely. Included with metal slides for easy and quiet use, there's no wrestling required to access your belongings. This piece is the embodiment of modern retro organization. As with most of our pieces, 'Barney' will fit perfectly anywhere in your home, whether it be office, bedroom, or living room. Be sure to check out our 'Ted' unit from the same collection of cabinets.

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